Skaidra Deksne (copy 2)

Art historian.

Costume designer.

Fashion designer.

60 years of experience in costume design:

  • 30 years – costume designer in Riga Motion Pictures Studio;

  • 2 years – teacher in Riga School of Applied Art, Department of costume modelling and design;

  • 10 years – lecturer of fashion design in The Art Academy of Latvia;

  • 12 years – Head of the Fashion design workshop in RTU, Institute of textile technologies and design.

  • 6 years – manager of different profession-related courses.

Academic specialization:

  • Artistic and constructively technological costume design.

  • Constructive design of women’s, men’s and children’s clothing.


  • 1954 – Riga School of Applied Art, Department of modelling and artistic costume design – artist – designer, dipl. T No. 556333

  • 1971 – The State Academy of Art, Department of art history and theory – art historian, dipl. No. 345657

  • 2003 – Master’s degree in Arts of The Art Academy of Latvia, theory of art and culture, dipl. No. 000573 Read more