Description of the methodology (copy 1)

1.The methodology’s concept corresponds to design principles of a human body positioned in horizontal and vertical planes.

2. Such methodology gives an opportunity to design a very close-fitting pattern – “a second skin”.

3. This methodology is universal as it can be used for designing various clothes for different body types and genders.

4. The methodology applies a spread for the individual stance and body shape of a person to create a balanced pattern. This means that it is not necessary to design an ideal or standard pattern and then repeatedly re-design it according to characteristics of a particular body which frequently is impossible. The method allows to create a base pattern that takes into account characteristics of all body shapes and stances.

5. This methodology allows to get a more modern and close-fitting clothing shape (compared to traditionally used unified methodologies in Latvia („CŅIIŠP”, SEPP), as well as the recently used Miller methodology) and provides efficient solutions for the most challenging parts of a body – shoulders, armholes and bust area.

6. This methodology inheres an original way of opening the bust dart. Pattern creation process uses both graphical/analytical calculation methods and methods of technical design or hypothetical streamlining.

7. This methodology can be used in both mass production and individual design. It allows to create both template and individual patterns.

8. The methodology can be adapted for use in various CAD pattern making systems.

9. This methodology has been repeatedly used in practice and improved during my work with corporate clients and students of RTU and the Art Academy of Latvia.