Feedback on the methodology

Rīgas 34.Arodvidusskolas (tagad – Rīgas stila un modes profesionālā vidusskola) absolvente Līga Radziņa:

„„Es vakar sašuvu maketu Ingas konstrukcijai un arī savai. Pielaikoju un esmu sajūsmā!!! :) Milzīgs Jums Paldies!!! Tagad to vien vēlos, kā visu laiku konstruēt un laikot, jo viss sanāk labi ar pirmo piegājienu. :) Ko diemžēl nevaru teikt par iepriekš apgūto metodi." More

Graduate of RTU, Institute of textile technologies and design, Dace Veipa:

I’ve been using the design methodology developed by Skaidra Deksne for several years on a daily basis. I’ve learned that it is precise and easy to be used in various CAD systems for both individual orders and industrial production. The standardized basic pattern gives the clothing a good fit and balance and doesn’t cause any troubles during grading. For individual constructions, this methodology is universal. It provides an efficient solution...More

RTU, Institute of textile technologies and design, MA student Liene Dejus:

„The design/modelling methodology developed by Skaidra Deksne builds upon understanding of the human body. The methodology teaches to evaluate factors which affect design elements and their mutual interaction. It is based on logic, not numerous formulas. Even without many years of in-depth preliminary knowledge one can easily master the methodology of Skaidra Deksne in order to determine how each particular deviation from standard affects the...More

RTU, Institute of textile technologies and design, alumnus of 2004/2005, Līga Romane:

„I have studied different methods of pattern design in my line of work as a pattern/clothing designer: a unified method of SEP countries, a pattern design method developed by Russian sewing industry’s scientific research institute, Miller’s pattern design method which is popular in Germany and also the clothing design method developed by Skaidra Deksne. I prefer to work using designing method of Skaidra Deksne. Her methodology is a result...More