Feedback on the methodology

< RTU TTDI absolvente, Dace Veipa:

Graduate of RTU, Institute of textile technologies and design, Dace Veipa:


I’ve been using the design methodology developed by Skaidra Deksne for several years on a daily basis. I’ve learned that it is precise and easy to be used in various CAD systems for both individual orders and industrial production. The standardized basic pattern gives the clothing a good fit and balance and doesn’t cause any troubles during grading. For individual constructions, this methodology is universal. It provides an efficient solution for shoulder and bust areas of different body types, regardless of stance, size or corpulence of a person.

I really enjoy dynamics of this methodology – it is continuously enhanced and improved!

Trade: Pattern designer.

Education: Master’s degree in clothing technology (RTU)

Work experience: SIA VIASTOR (pattern designer), fashion house "NARCISS" (pattern designer), pattern design bureau" FASHION FOR FRIENDS" (pattern designer).