Importance of the book.

No such books have been published since Latvia regained its independence. Institutions that provide education in clothing design work with outdated methods developed during Soviet era which don’t provide a precise fit to the body. 

Intended audience.

The widest. The book is written in original way. Its contents are revealed step by step with the help of visually clear and easy to understand graphic images that are supplemented with explanations allowing better comprehension of methodology making it suitable for:

  1. All levels of professional education: 
  • Vocational schools
  • Housekeeping classes in secondary schools
  • Crafting schools
  • Schools of applied arts in Latvia
  • High School of Art and Design in Riga
  • The Art Academy of Latvia, Department of fashion design
  • The University of Latvia, program “Housekeeping Teacher”
  • Latvia University of Agriculture, program “Home Environment and Visual Art in Education”
  • In various programs of RTU, Institute of textile technologies and design.
  1. Further education and lifelong education courses.
  2. All readers with an interest in this topic and desire to create their own clothes.